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Clinique La Prairie innovates in longevity

For the celebration of its 90th anniversary, Clinique La Prairie now offers its guests new epigenetic testing and a reinforced edition of its revitalization program. A unique approach to body and mind rejuvenation.

Fabio Bonavita

By Fabio Bonavita15 mars 2021

Recognized as a pioneer in the longevity science field, Clinique La Prairie can from now on answer a question which everybody has been asking: how fast are we aging? To do so, an advanced epigenetic assessment is now available thanks to a collaboration between the clinic and Genknowme, an innovative company specialized in life sciences. This evaluation enables the reading of DNA and therefore, the measurement of biological age and reversible impacts of our daily choices on our genes. This new type of knowledge aims at helping anyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle thanks to tailor-made plans. The blood test and assessment can be added to any given program. Simone Gilbertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie, explains: “Clinique La Prairie has dedicated the last 90 years in exploring the secrets of longevity and wellbeing. This commitment is shown through the best treatments and programs to regenerate and rejuvenate the mind and body, reinforce the immune system and improve physical and mental performances. This quest landed on new scientific discoveries added to the revitalization program, completing the legendary CLP extract to revitalize each part of the body.” This program aims at offering a stronger balance between science, nature and technology in order to help the clinic’s clients feel in better shape.

The Revitalization programs encompasses DNA testing, complete assessments and innovative holistic treatments. (DR)

A fight against aging

Clinique La Prairie has dedicated the last 90 years in exploring the secrets of longevity and wellbeing


At the same time, the Revitalization signature program is still updating, after 90 years of longevity science. A seven-day program combining health and wellness in the luxurious spa-hotel of Clinique la Prairie, it encompasses DNA testing, health assessments and holistic innovating treatments created to work on the four pillars of the clinic - including medicine, wellbeing, nutrition and movement - while working on the metabolism, inflammation, anti-aging and on reinforcing the immune system. While relying on the CLP extract, a powerful formula based on the revitalizing ethic of Doctor Niehans, which was perfected over the years.

Nutrition experts offer clients bespoke nutrition advice. (DR)

A nutrigenomic approach

Developed by experts in life sciences, two activators were added: a cellular active protection and a supplement protocol based on genomics. The first, entitled HP-Cellular Active, is an organic plant complex taken on a daily basis during the stay. Benefitting from a unique antioxidant molecule extraction process, it improves the oxygen input of the tissues, helping the regulation of oxidative stress while stimulating the cells’ protective proprieties. The second, a new CLP Cellular Genomic FFS1-5 protocol, is constituted of five natural active components with genes implied in cell stimulation. Added to this, the followers of this program also benefit from a new nutrition approach created to play a crucial role in the anti-inflammatory health of the intestine. Nutrition experts offer clients bespoke nutrition advice by using an intervention process broken down into three phases - neutralization, rebalancing and autonomation - in order to target specific needs and promote a healthy mindset for deeply transformative habits. Training sessions, photostimulation, revitalizing massages and anti-aging care in the Clinique la Prairie spa are also integrated, for clients to benefit from deeper and more stable antiaging effects.

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