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Foodtech, an innovative ecosystem

“Meat” with no animal protein, sustainable agriculture, home delivery - the great chefs are gravitating closer and closer to foodtech. This fast-growing sector relies on an innovative ecosystem and consumer demand boosted by the pandemic.

Fabio Bonavita

By Fabio Bonavita06 mai 2021

The opulent menus of iconic French chefs like Paul Bocuse, who famously treated his guests to buttery sauces, magnificent truffled birds and intricately styled sea bass in pastry, may be a thing of the past. The extravagant cuisine of yesteryear is gradually giving way to new recipes better in keeping with modern mores of healthy living and sustainability. And increasingly, these are being imagined by foodtech startups – a trend that Knut Schwander, head of the GaultMillau guide in French-speaking Switzerland, does not seem to particularly appreciate. “Gastronomy has always been in constant evolution, but the movement is accelerating,” he says. “To me, foodtech may be interesting commercially, for the industry. However, the revolution being hailed here too often raises questions and its attention to the quest for quality, craftsmanship, the things that make gastronomy magic, is only marginal.” On the other hand, Camille Bossel, co-founder of Foodhack, a springboard for entrepreneurs in the sector, disagrees. “The growing interest in foodtech, in Switzerland as elsewhere, is directly linked to consumer demand for healthier, sustainable and environmentally friendly products. A new generation is putting pressure on the food industry to have access to products in line with their values, but traditional players have been rather slow to catch up in recent years. As a result, a whole series of young, more agile startups have taken advantage of this opportunity to bring their own solutions to the market.”

Foodtech promises a more sustainable gastronomy. (Unsplash)

Innovation in veganism

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