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The 2023 Michelin Guide Switzerland Ceremony unveils emerging culinary talents

Fanny Tang

By Fanny Tang03 octobre 2023

At the EHL Hospitality Business School, the 2023 Michelin Guide Switzerland showcased a reservoir of high culinary talent. While the four Swiss establishments with three stars maintained their status, five newcomers earned two stars.

Switzerland features 138 Michelin-starred restaurants and 33 Michelin Green Star establishments (MICHELIN Guide Switzerland)
From left to right, host Simone Van Trier, chefs Andreas Caminada, Franck Giovannini, Sven Wassmer, and Peter Knogl, and host Aljoscha Höhn (MICHELIN Guide Switzerland)

Switzerland's culinary prowess was celebrated at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL Hospitality Business School), where, for the second consecutive year, the Michelin Guide Switzerland unveiled its 2023 selections on Monday, October 2nd. The country's most prestigious restaurants had their excellence acknowledged. Four establishments upheld Switzerland's gastronomic excellence by retaining their three Michelin stars: L’Hôtel de Ville de Crissier led by Chef Franck Giovannini; Cheval Blanc in Basel with Chef Peter Knogl; Schloss Schauenstein in Fürstenau/GR under Andreas Caminada; and Memories in Bad Ragaz helmed by Chef Sven Wassmer, which received its third star at the 2022 EHL ceremony.

Sustainability in gastronomy was highlighted with the Michelin Green Star. Eight chefs were recognized for their eco-friendly approach, including Barbara Blaser from Le Tapis Rouge in Brienz, the sole female recipient at the ceremony. Her commitment to environmentally conscious cuisine and dedication to sustainable practices earned her this accolade. Chef Stefan Wiesnet was honored with two green stars for his establishments in Romoos: Wiesner Mysterion Werkstatt Kost (a Bib Gourmand) and Zauber (a Michelin star).

Eight chefs were honored with the Michelin Green Star, including Barbara Blaser, the only woman to receive an award at the ceremony (MICHELIN Guide Switzerland)

This year, five establishments received two Michelin stars: Atelier Robuchon in Geneva led by Chef Olivier Jean; La Table du Valrose in Rougemont; Mammertsberg in Freidorf under Chef Silvio Germann; La Table du Lausanne Palace in Lausanne helmed by Chef Franck Pelux, and The Japanese Restaurant in Andermatt jointly directed by twin brothers and co-chefs, Dominik Sato and Fabio Toffolon. The duo was also awarded the Michelin Young Chef Award by Blancpain. This is the first time the award has been presented jointly to two chefs.

Twin brothers and co-chefs Dominik Sato and Fabio Toffolon were jointly awarded the Michelin Young Chef Award by Blancpain. In the photo, the winners are to the right of Jorgen Eldevik, Brand Manager Blancpain Switzerland (MICHELIN Guide Switzerland)

The collaboration between Blancpain and the Michelin Guide, initiated in 2020, naturally extends the bond nurtured over three decades between the watchmaking brand and the world of haute cuisine. Both haute horlogerie and haute cuisine share values of precision, tradition, creativity, and authenticity. Blancpain, as the custodian of time for nearly three centuries, amplifies its commitment to fine dining through this partnership.

Emotion frequently permeated the ceremony. Renowned Chef Andreas Caminada of Schloss Schauenstein warmly commented on the ascent of his protégé, Silvio Germann, recognizing his restaurant Mammertsberg, saying, "He's a man of such humility; this is wonderful for him." With these words, the chef underscores the humility and dedication required to achieve such recognition in the culinary world.

In conclusion, with its 138 starred restaurants and 33 establishments bearing a Michelin Green Star, Switzerland solidifies its prominent role on the global culinary stage, merging tradition, innovation, and sustainability.

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