Hermès Heritage exhibits its know-how in Qatar

After the Harnessing the Roots exhibition in Los Angeles, the In Motion exhibition in Hanoi and the Rouges Hermès exhibition in New Delhi, the famous French fashion house is now arriving at the National Museum in Doha, Qatar, for a new event: Once upon a Bag, dedicated to the universe of the most legendary bag models. The exhibition will be open to the public until 11 June 2022.

Eva Morletto

By Eva Morletto02 juin 2022

The exceptional sale of Hermès bags at Christie's in April saw a great success (Christie's)

The handbags are the stars of this exhibition and, through their history, retrace that of the great house and its heritage. The exhibition includes around fifty models accompanied by objects and documents - mainly photographs and advertising posters - from the brand's rich archives. Among the pieces on display are of course the Kellys, the Birkins and the Constances, as well as more contemporary pieces. The aim is to confirm their role as symbols of a certain lifestyle.

The exhibition follows the opening of a new Hermès outlet in the Qatari capital, the second after the one at Doha Hamad International Airport. It is a gigantic space of more than 600 m2, with an eclectic architecture, revealing the aesthetic codes of the house but also evoking the architecture, geography and art of the region. While the ceiling of the shop is inspired by the desert dunes, the floor is inspired by elements of the petroglyphs of Al Jassasiya.

Despite the rising cost of raw materials, the luxury house continues to grow, especially in the leather goods segment. In the first quarter of the year, the company's most emblematic division posted a 16% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

The Hermès myth shows no signs of abating, quite the contrary.

On 27 April this year, the exceptional sale of Hermès bags at Christie's in Paris generated a lot of ink and an unprecedented buzz.

The event surrounding this private collection of 69 pieces, owned by a European couple, attracted worldwide attention. Among the most admired pieces were an extremely rare Birkin 30 in Himalayan crocodile, estimated at 80,000-100,000 euros, and a Kellywood in Barenia - calf leather used to make saddles - and oak wood, estimated at 70,000-90,000 euros.

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