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Global philanthropy shaken by the pandemic (Episode 1)

Philanthropy has rapidly become a quick fix to the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies, foundations and other private donors have redirected important amounts of money in favor of the healthcare sector. As well as towards the poorest.

Fabio Bonavita

By Fabio Bonavita12 mars 2021

267 billion

Annual investment (in dollars) are needed to stop global hunger


Growth figure of foundations registered in Switzerland

1,75 billion

In dollars, total financing of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fight Covid-19

Often discreet, sometimes secret, philanthropy has been forced to adapt to the unique times we are living. Indeed, since the beginning of the pandemic, donations have flooded to try and find solutions, both sanitary and social, to the Covid-19 pandemic. An evolution that shouldn’t cloud other challenges and issues, as reminded by Etienne Eichenberger, Chairman of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation and managing associate of WISE: “The pandemic’s impact is both huge as we are going through simultaneous unprecedented shocks, and relative as many issues sadly existed prior and will continue to exist afterwards. Such as biodiversity preservation, cultural heritage in countries at war, migration and world hunger. An investment of 267 billion dollars during the next fifteen years should be necessary to eradicate world hunger by 2030 for example, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations”.

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