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Art: the new Eldorado for startups

All over the globe, museum and gallery closures due to the pandemic have been a tremendous accelerator for most artTech startups. By betting on new digital realities, they might be about to transform our relationship to art.

Fabio Bonavita

By Fabio Bonavita15 avril 2021

Often in the media shadows of fintech and medtech, artTech startups have been experiencing fame since the beginning of the pandemic. Over the past months, they have indeed been benefitting from repeated and prolonged museum and gallery closures all over the planet. A way of revealing their capacity to mix art and technology as confirmed by Vincent Baile, Ezana Dawit and Valentin Barbe. These three young entrepreneurs launched last November the Mont-Blanc Gallery, an entirely digital space: “We are convinced that confinement measures have driven people towards discovering art otherwise. Limited access to culture, including museums, was an undeniable accelerator for digitalizing the artistic offer in 2020. Progress continues this year with many virtual museum visits, online operas and ballets, etc.

Intertwining art and technology is becoming increasingly important. (Unsplash)

Technology has great potential in supporting culture dissemination

Nathalie Pichard, director of the ArtTech Foundation

In the same spirit, the Mont-Blanc Gellery offers to bring art in one’s living room or office, by hanging an oil painting replica at home.

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