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Art or Daan Roosegaarde’s techno-poetry

Art, technology, and experience together compose the digital art form which enables the audience to immerse into new artistic sensations. Daan Roosegaarde, an important artist of this trend uses technological tools to diffuse and make accessible his art to the greatest number.

Organic fireworks SPARK illuminates the city of Bilbao as a new sustainable celebration (Studio Roosegaarde)
Daan Roosegaarde, of Dutch origin, is an artist, social design creator, engineer, entrepreneur and Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum (DR)

The Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, social design creator, engineer, entrepreneur, Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum, is today recognized worldwide for his projects which associate technology and art in urban environments. Member of the innovation team at NASA, he was recently in Bilbao for the presentation of his new work Spark. According to Maria Grazia Mattei, director of the museum dedicated to digital arts MEET in Milan, he embodies “a sort of Leonardo da Vinci who studies nature and immerses the audience into his installations created for a better world.” Alongside Ikeda, master of synesthesia or Refik Anadol, another digital artist who created the artwork Renaissance Dream for the inauguration of MEET and which the director compares to the Sistine Chapel’s Michelangelo, “great digital artists make their art into research. They use diverse contemporary languages and experience mediums as would artists in Renaissance ateliers.” According to her, “there is a great confusion concerning digital art, which is not only about crypto art.”

In the scope of our series of articles dedicated to digital art, Luxury Tribune met with Daan Roosegaarde to understand how his monumental artworks resonate among the audience.

How does your artwork involve and impact a wider audience?



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Here the artwork LIQUID SPACE, an interactive living cocoon that physically adapts to the sounds and motions of its visitors (Studio Roosegaarde)

Before creating, we must imagine, interrogate ourselves, then build a project whose ambition is to show the beauty of a better world, with the hope and challenge of accepting necessary change to achieve it and accelerate it. When we talk about beauty, this activates a series of behaviors: they make you curious, they connect you to others, they make you want to learn, to be open to change. When we think about the future, it is fatally associated with terms such as “carbon neutral” or “energy neutrality”, very technical words. To use the power of beauty in order to inspire is more efficient.

How is technology part of your work?

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