TV series, the new fashion influencers

Squid Game, Emily in Paris and many other TV series have become fashion influencer platforms, becoming powerful sales levers on the networks.

Isotta Giorgini

By Isotta Giorgini19 avril 2022

The Netflix series Emily in Paris collaborated with Dior for some episodes (Netflix)

For some time now, the relationship between fashion influencers and their followers has been weakening. Appearing more like untouchable celebrities than "friends" to be cherished, affects have gradually shifted to TV series actors. In addition to entertaining, they have become a real trend-setter. And when it comes to style, it is impossible not to mention Squid Game, the Korean TV series that has already gained a cult following, launched on Netflix in 2021. The originality of the script, between intrigue and perversions, has held the planet in suspense for 2.1 billion hours since the first episode, the equivalent of 239,700 years according to the site New Public Popularity Charts. Beyond these staggering numbers, the other winner is the Vans Slip-On sneaker. According to Lyst, the famous white shoes worn by Squid Game players went viral after the release of the series, suddenly boosting sales to +145%. 

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