The Rémy Cointreau group diversifies into perfumery with Maison Psyché

The Rémy Cointreau group has just launched the Maison Psyché brand, a new universe dedicated to luxury fragrances, directly inspired by the world of fine wines and spirits.

Eva Morletto

By Eva Morletto24 octobre 2022

The Maison Psyché containers are inspired by the precious bottles of the emblematic cognac born in 1874 (Rémy Cointreau)

The group, famous for its renowned brands, including Telmont champagne, Mount Gray whisky, Rémy Martin and Louis XIII cognacs, has just launched Maison Psyché, a brand of fine perfumery. And the will of the directors of Rémy Cointreau is clear: to diversify the activities as much as possible, while preserving a common base: the hundred-year-old know-how of the world of wineries.

At the head of Maison Psyché, Sophie Labbé, one of the great figures of Firmenich perfumery, and Baptiste Loiseau, cellar master at the prestigious cognac house Louis XIII since 2014, have been appointed.

The links between the world of grands crus and that of perfumery are close, particularly in the production process of Maison Psyché: the fragrances rest in oak barrels specially designed by Seguin Moreau, whose cooperage know-how has been recognised for nearly 200 years.

The containers are inspired by the precious bottles of this emblematic cognac born in 1874; they are made using Baccarat crystal, to which gold and diamond details are added. An exclusive product with a powerful storytelling, in a niche universe where the concept of terroir enriches the world of made in France perfumery.

Premium perfumes are a growth sector today. In the French market, for example, sales from January to July 2022 have grown by +20% compared to the same period in 2021, leading several luxury brands to invest more in this business. Even more interestingly, the most exclusive segment of fragrances priced at over 100 euros saw its sales rise by +74% in one year. 

In April, the Rémy Cointreau group published its financial results for the period 2021-2022, revealing a record turnover up +30% compared to the previous year, and sales reaching more than 1.3 billion euros.

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