The empire of stars strikes back

Tequila for Kendall Jenner, cosmetics for JLo, high-end cannabis for Jay Z or even nail polish for Harry Styles… This is a sample of businesses launched by stars in 2021 whose movies or music careers are no longer enough. They are now building empires.

Isabelle Campone

By Isabelle Campone17 février 2022

With the launch of Fenty Beauty in 2017 and its impressive success in its first year, Rihanna set the movement to create one's own brand, quickly followed by other singers and actresses (Shutterstock)

They see their peers sell companies at prices reaching nine digits and want to belong as well

Kosha Shah Eisenberg, chief development officer of NOWwith

R.E.M, Rare Beauty, Haus Laboratories, LolaVie, InBloom, Once Upon a Farm, Avaline, Cacti, Monogram, Homecourt… Makeup, cosmetics, hair care, nutrition supplements, as well as children’s products, wine, spritzers, marijuana and even cleaning products. In every sector, those brands and tens of other newcomers are skyrocketing. Another thing they have in common: they were all launched by superstars. Products are created constantly, like never before, driven by how simple it is for them to do so. Furthermore, for some, this was also a result of incomes decreasing, generated by lockdowns and streaming wars, while the global influencer market has risen to almost 14 billion dollars in 2021 according to a study by Statista.

Some celebrities before them even led the way. “They see their peers sell companies at prices reaching nine digits and want to belong as well”, says Kosha Shah Eisenberg, Chief Development Officer of NOWwith, a platform which enables brands to commercialize their products on social media.

George Clooney or Kanye West as spearheads

Kanye West represents the biggest fortune made by stars with his Yeezy brand (Shutterstock)
Very popular in the field of streetwear, the trainers of the Yeezy brand resonate in the minds of all Sneakersaddicts (Shutterstock)

One can of course think about George Clooney and Casamigos, the tequila brand he sold in 2017 for a billion dollars. But today, Kanye West is leading the way of wealthiest stars with a yearly income valued at 1.7 billion dollars thanks to Yeezy and its sneakers. Right next to him, other incredible success stories such as the ones of Dr Dre and Beats, or Jessica Alba whose brand Honest Co, launched in 2011, is valued at over a billion dollars since its entrance in the stock-market last year.

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