Lyst publishes its ranking of the most coveted fashion brands

Lyst, the search engine based on consumers' fashion preferences, has released its ranking of the most coveted brands for Q3 2022.

Eva Morletto

By Eva Morletto28 octobre 2022

Gucci has been at the top of the Lyst ranking for over 6 months (Shutterstock)

The start-up Lyst, founded in 2010 in a small London shed, is now a technology company and premium shopping app, used by over 200 million people each year to browse, discover and buy branded goods. It now generates tens of millions of euros in revenue.

While the third quarter saw many of the same labels that have been featured in previous rankings, this time there was a clear increase in consumer interest in Italian fashion houses. The top trio is composed exclusively of French brands, with Gucci, followed by Prada and Valentino.

Versace, in tenth place, is experiencing a new boom thanks to its collaboration with heiress and it-girl Paris Hilton. Bottega Veneta climbed to eleventh place and gained six places in the ranking, thanks in particular to its flagship product: the Kalimera bag presented during designer Matthieu Blazy's first collection.  The bag, already iconic, experienced a real sales boom.  

Prada logo tank tops and sunglasses, Miu Miu ballerinas, Adidas Samba sneakers and Boston Birkenstocks are among the most coveted items according to Lyst.

Gucci, the flagship brand of the Kering group, has held the top spot for over six months, a success that can be explained by new strategies that have allowed the label to increase its popularity among millennials, including new web3 projects, the launch of mini-games in collaboration with Adidas, and a considerable breakthrough in the world of NFT.

Gucci also gained +18% growth in Q3 2022.

The three fastest growing brands showing strong consumer interest were Coperni and its Swipe bag (+50% search), Jaded London and its Cargo trousers (+63% search) and Chopova Lowena and its belted miniskirt (+86% search).

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