Prada unveils its eco-friendly jewellery

Iconic Italian fashion brand Prada has unveiled its Eternal Gold jewellery collection to the public, a new series of models designed according to the principles of sustainability.

Eva Morletto

By Eva Morletto18 octobre 2022

The gold in the jewellery collection is 100% recycled and complies with the set of rules established by the Responsible Jewelry Council (Prada)

The concept of eco-responsible jewellery complements the brand's commitment to the planet, which already includes an official link with Textile Exchange, the NGO that helps brands choose the most eco-friendly materials. The organisation encourages the choice of fabrics with a low environmental impact and produced in a process that is ethical towards the workers in the sector.

In the run-up to Christmas, Prada is entering the high jewellery market with models based on advanced, high-tech research. The Eternal Gold collection is made up of stones and diamonds from a previously verified and certified extraction circuit. As for the precious metals, the gold is 100% recycled and complies with the set of rules established by the Responsible Jewelry Council. These standards respect human rights, workplace safety, business ethics and efforts to reduce environmental impact. 

The jewellery collection reflects classic, very clean, minimalist lines. It is available in snake bracelets, chain and ribbon necklaces. The triangle, the strong symbol of the house, is expressed in the form of a clasp, earring, chain link or pendant.

All pieces are linked to the Aura Consortium blockchain system (Prada is one of the founders of the blockchain), which makes the jewellery easily traceable.

This year of 2022 has been rich in novelties for the Italian luxury house. At the end of the summer, Prada launched its Prada Beauty website dedicated to the world of beauty. A positive momentum that has also been verified over the last two years in Prada's financial balance sheet: in 2021, the turnover of the group - owner of the eponymous brand but also of Miu Miu, Car Shoes and Church's - reached 3.364 billion euros, which means a jump of 41% compared to the previous year.

The company is also banking on its digital success: in 2022, traffic to its website jumped by 14%.

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