Julia Roberts becomes the ambassador for all of Chopard’s women’s collections

The new "Chopard Loves Cinema" campaign reveals the actress Julia Roberts in a new light. It celebrates the "Feel-good" feeling and the passion for cinema, in a series of clips directed by the American filmmaker James Gray.

Julia Roberts embodies Chopard watches and jewelry for the "Chopard Loves Cinema" campaign (Greg Williams)

The jewelry and watchmaking house Chopard has chosen the International Day of Happiness, this March 20, to announce the launch of a new Feel-Good campaign, entitled "Chopard Loves Cinema" and its decision to extend the contract between the brand and the star Julia Roberts, ambassadress of the house since 2021, to all feminine designs. The campaign will include twelve video clips directed by James Gray, and a series of portrait photos by Alasdair McLellan and Greg Williams.

The teaser of the series of twelve video clips with Julias Roberts (James Gray)

When announcing the choice of their star in 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, Chopard's Happy Diamonds campaign featured a Julia Roberts dancing under the demanding gaze of young star director Xavier Dolan. The video had cumulated millions of views on Instagram. A welcomed success as the pandemic had slowed the pace of business for the brand, as well as the entire luxury industry.

Julia Roberts wears a piece of Chopard fine jewelry (Alasdair McLellan for Chopard)

Today, Chopard is stepping up the gear, producing twelve video clips featuring Julia Roberts and the company's creations. James Gray shows the behind-the-scenes of the film with the actress. And we discover that this great dance would be nothing without the mastered gestures, know-how and humane energy that drive watchmaking and jewelry creations.

James Gray's rich filmography constantly honors the human soul, memory, and the passage of time: from Little Odessa, his first feature film released in 1994, which won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival that same year, to Two Lovers in 2008, inspired by Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel White Nights, which won the César for Best Foreign Film, and Armageddon Time in 2022, which was selected at the last Cannes Festival. Although the director had never shown Julia Roberts on the big screen, he rejoins her with Chopard in this series of Feel-Good episodes, and has already worked with her on another advertising campaign for a famous perfume. He says, "Julia Roberts is a rare person: a true movie star. She also happens to have a great sense of humor, and somehow she hasn't let her legendary status go to her head. I would never miss a chance to work with her. We are friends, and we have respect and affection for each other. (…)."

Chopard has a long history of involvement with the cinema. As an official partner of the 1998 Cannes Film Festival, it provides the famous Palme d'Or each year, one of the most prestigious prizes awarded to the best film of the festival, and coveted by all directors. Each year, an exclusive jewelry collection is put forward to celebrate talents in the movie industry, the "Red Carpet Collection". For the 2023 collection, Chopard has announced that all diamonds used will be ethically and sustainably sourced, and that the gold used will be 100% traced and Fairmined certified.

The "Chopard Loves Cinema" campaign aims to celebrate cinema, a passion that Chopard and Julia Roberts shares in common, and will also showcase the brand's new collection of jewelry and watches for women. Chopard co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele details "after our Happy Diamonds campaign directed by Xavier Dolan in 2021, (…) this new series broadens the spectrum. We are unveiling a new facet of our identity, the Feel-good feeling: the self confidence that a Chopard jewel or watch exudes."

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