Is creating a culture of desirability still possible?

On March 13th, I had the privilege of moderating a round table on the theme of desirability, with Saint Laurent's President and CEO, Francesca Bellettini, as our main speaker. A theme that may seem, at first, banal and overused. However, the issue was discussed at great length with the students in the audience. The brand is a person, pointed out the Italian head of the French brand for ten years, and as for each of us, it is impossible to please everybody. To succeed in being and remaining desirable, you have to respect your identity, and therefore, your values, and know where you come from. If luxury is superficial, its lightness is not. To consume luxury is a matter of will or choice. To create escapes, breaths, resonances, capable of amplifying the emotion, without forcing it, with creativity as the only motivation, and not financial figures. This is the heart of desirability.

After several years of continuous shock campaigns to force the eyes, XXL logos, provocative fashion shows on the form, but disappointing on the substance, luxury has lost its substance. The pendulum has not failed to swing back. Today, brands have begun an era of reflection, of going back to basics, and opting for nuance. The idea is that the culture that makes the brand, whether radical or nuanced, must be able to give the spirit free rein to choose, without forcing its way down the path of unrestrained profit.

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