Chic and sustainable, the bet of the longboard « made in Switzerland »

If the Vallée de Joux is renowned for its great watchmaking expertise, it is also a reservoir of talents for less conventional luxury items. It is in Le Lieu, on the shores of the lac de Joux, that the Muse Rolling longboards are produced. Chic and sustainable, they are the new way of seeing ecomobility "made in Switzerland".

Cristina D’Agostino

By Cristina D’Agostino19 août 2021

The longboard is an alternative for mobility (Shutterstock)

"Because our life is only movement". This credo by Montaigne gives rhythm to Thierry Nicloux’s desires and projects, the founder of Muse Rolling. Biologist by education, senior consultant for a career development company during the week, Thierry Nicloux is also an entrepreneur when it comes to transforming his passion for wide open spaces and sliding into a concrete and sustainable project: the creation of a longboard entirely handmade in Switzerland, the model Clermont by Muse Rolling. The idea comes to his mind for the first time in 2015. Initially thought for his own personal use, it quickly sparks the interest of his two future partners Olivier Brévaux and Alain Fournier who see it as an ecological and sustainable way to get around, a trend attracting more and more followers.

The object is light, weighing only 2,5 kg instead of 7 kg for an electric scooter. You can easily keep it with you

Thierry Nicloux, founder of Muse Rolling

In 2019, they decided to launch a first production run. The desire is simple: offering freedom and comfort to all those who, like them, want to move without constraint or worry about recharging the electric battery. The longboard mixes Canadian maple wood for the board and species of apple, maple and walnut trees from the Vallée de Joux for the inlay, has a sophisticated ball bearing system that only Swiss micromechanics can develop and a progressive brake system that is very efficient for less experienced users. The product as a whole works like a traditional skateboard.

A 100% sustainable longboard

The choice to produce a longboard without electric motor is made. Thierry Nicloux wanted a 100% sustainable solution, where the energy of the user would be enough to make the board slide without difficulty. A luxury item - it costs 1800 francs - the Muse Rolling is particularly adapted for an urban use, easy to carry from one meeting to another. With an extra touch of style.

Muse Rolling longboards are produced in Le Lieu, on the shores of lac de Joux. "Made in Switzerland", they are made of maple and walnut wood. (DR)

The Clermont by Muse Rolling is produced in Le Lieu, in the Vallée de Joux. The reason? It's the cradle of high-end Swiss watchmaking, the one that offers the best micro-mechanical parts and the know-how to work noble materials.

There is nothing to plug in, to unfold, to install. The longboard is immediately ready for short trips around town

Thierry Nicloux, founder of Muse Rolling

As for the sales strategy, it is first of all based on a digital distribution on the Muse Rolling website, but it also goes through a few points of sale, such as Sport Mania, BonGenie-Grieder, Hosfstetter Sport Genève-Vesenaz, or at the Four Seasons Hôtel des Bergues in Geneva. Partnerships are created for corporate gifts, high-end watchmaking, private banks, real estate, etc. Other, more unique collaborations are being imagined. The Clermont will be present at the Cannes boat show, from September 7 to 12, 2021, where the target clientele seems obvious, explains Thierry Nicloux: "It is quite easy to imagine that the longboard could be a simple and stylish way to get from one's boat to the shops of the city in which one has just disembarked. Moreover, the object is light, weighing only 2,5 kg instead of 7 kg for an electric scooter. You can easily keep it with you.”

The longboard, a practical way to get around town (Shutterstock)

As for the technical aspects, the model is almost one meter long (99 cm) for a thickness of 13 millimetres formed by 9 layers of wood with a shape specially designed for the safety and fluidity of the "Swissbone" ball bearings. The board is made of wood reinforced with fiberglass fabric and a special transparent epoxy-quartz grip coating. The board, brake, bearings and carrying case are guaranteed Swiss made and the company is in the process of obtaining a B-Corp certification. The label, granted to commercial companies, certifies that the brand meets societal and environmental requirements, as well as governance and transparency towards the public.

The three partners of Muse Rolling are convinced that ecomobility is a must nowadays. The same goes for simplicity of use and the high quality of craftsmanship: "There is nothing to plug in, to unfold, to install. The longboard is immediately ready for short trips around town. Between the office and the train, to go to a restaurant for lunch. There is no need to recharge it with a charger and cables or to consume energy. Electricity does not fall from the sky, it must be produced, mainly by fossil or nuclear energy, transported, stored in batteries … and the longboard is safe. The brake pedal activates the brake drums which come into contact with the two rear wheels. The braking intensity is distributed on each of the two wheels to avoid an imbalance."

The founders know that the eco-responsible longboard "made in Switzerland" can really represent an alternative in the framework of mobility.

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