Breaking down conventions

The growing interdependence of our societies makes it increasingly difficult to find clear codes for reading our world. In this context, culture, music, art and fashion become tools, prisms that allow us to enlighten ourselves, to connect. But here too, the codes are shattered. It is interesting to follow Simone Menezes, an Italian-Brazilian conductor, in her determination to break down tradition and open up the world of classical music to compositions from elsewhere. To watch the emergence of a fashion scene that is now breaking free of normative gender boundaries and where a multitude of designers are exploring non-binary identities and fighting for a more inclusive world. To see how design can, in the comfort of our homes, lead us towards an ambitious project of circularity and sustainability.

Fashion, art, design and music are inter-generational soft power levers, carrying the spirit of novelty and freedom. They are our possible emancipation.

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