Big alliances in the yachting industry are taking shape

While the pandemic has not dampened the global appeal of yachting, Italy is experiencing an unprecedented boom in its nautical sector and is seeing the emergence of big name alliances.

Wally's approach, where form reflects function, aims to improve the navigation experience (Wally)

In recent times, Italy has confirmed its leadership in the megayacht sector, driven by prestigious brands such as Azimut Benetti, Ferretti and Sanlorenzo. It is not surprising that half of the world's megayachts over 24 metres in length are produced by Italian shipyards, and that orders for 2021 are worth 407 million euros out of a total volume of 821 million.

Despite the pandemic, Italy's nautical sector maintained the same level in 2020 as in 2019, with a global turnover of 4.8 billion euros (data from the Monitor survey by Confindustria Nautica in collaboration with the Fondazione Edison). It is precisely in order to maintain this position that we have been witnessing agreements between brands, even rivals, to build new poles, such as Ferretti and Sanlorenzo, which have decided to join forces in a 50/50 joint venture to take over Perini Navi, declared bankrupt by the Lucca court on 29 January, with a debt of 100 million euros.

The Argonaut yacht series reflects the grace and style that have made Perini Navi a world-renowned brand (Perini Navi)

Perini Navi is an important part of the history of Italian yachting, considered the world's sailing giant, for yachts over 45 metres long, easy to handle without a crew. A shipyard renowned for its ability to design, plan and build its magnificent boats.

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