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Kodzia Edenharder

Kodzia Edenharder

Luxury Tribune

Kodzia Edenharder is co-founder of Haus von Eden. She worked nationally and internationally in media & PR agencies, especially in the areas of monument protection, architecture & interior design and technology. She lived in London for a long time and is a strong communicator and visionary when it comes to sustainability.

Haus von Eden
Building a bridge between sustainable companies and conscious consumers is the core of our project. Many brands contribute to the preservation of our environment and we would like to highlight these commitments in order to create transparency. To us, sustainability does not mean to sacrifice on anything but to make the better choice.

Kodzia Edenharder's articles

Slow design trends and challenges

Slow design trends and challenges

In terms of sustainability, when using the word “fast”, we immediately think about fast fashion. But as the market for luxury furniture is expected to grow, sustainability is just as relevant for this industry as it is for fashion.

By Kodzia Edenharder

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