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Aman hotel to open in the heart of Beverly Hills

Eva Morletto

By Eva Morletto29 juin 2022

Over the past thirty years, the Aman Resorts Group has become one of the world's leading luxury hotel companies. As proof of its constant evolution, the group has just announced the opening of a new hotel in Beverly Hills, in the most exclusive district of Los Angeles, for 2026.

The Aman Beverly Hills will be located at the intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards and will include a hotel, Aman private residences, an expansive Aman Club, several dining venues and an Aman Spa (Aman)

A club, a private residence, a 5-star hotel, The Aman Beverly Hills will be considered the jewel among the prestigious establishments of this rapidly expanding hotel empire. The Aman Beverly Hills will offer guests an immense garden-oasis of more than three hectares of land, in the most exclusive district of the West Coast, near the mythical Rodeo Drive.

At the head of the Aman Group - the holding company of which Aman Resorts is a part - is Russian tycoon Vladislav Doronin. Majority owner since 2014, the ex-trader, already at the head of the Capital Group - one of the private real estate development companies that has contributed to redesigning the urban dynamics of Moscow - intends to develop and differentiate the activities of the hotel group.

Since Vladislav Doronin became owner and CEO of Aman, the group has set its sights on the increasingly juicy villa construction and rental management sector.

To this end, Doronin and his associates are working to establish Aman Resorts in major cities, targeting the world's major capitals and metropolises such as London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

At only 25 years old, Doronin was already one of the five most powerful real estate developers in Russia. His fortune is estimated at between $2.5 and $6 billion.

The story of Aman Resorts began quietly with the visionary spirit of Adrian Zecha, an Indonesian hotelier and co-founder of the Regent chain, who turned his holiday home in Thailand into a luxury hotel.

The concept of Aman Hotels still retains this vision of hospitality and comfort, which is very different from a classic hotel, a sort of "home away from home". The addresses rarely have more than 40 rooms, the historical or natural settings are exceptional and preserved. Aman has always been synonymous with a discreet and refined welcome. The average price of a room in Aman hotels is around 1000 Euros per night.

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