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When premium brands, ethical and innovative, challenge luxury

Fabio Bonavita

By Fabio Bonavita01 octobre 2020

Luxury houses would do well to draw inspiration from premium brands to regain the support of urban and trendy consumers. Indeed, these brands that are less expensive for the wallet represent a real challenge for the luxury industry. To become trendy, they rely on ethics, innovation and high-end service to offer an unprecedented customer experience.

A case in point? The dizzying rise of Sézane. Presenting itself as a digital fashion label, the Parisian brand managed to create a community of 1.8 million loyal subscribers on Instagram. In limited edition, each collection is ethical, authentic and adapted to the city as well as the countryside. Sold on the internet or in apartments located in trendy districts of Paris, London or New York, the pieces are very quickly sold out. Its designer Morgane Sézalory has found the perfect equation by also offering a men's wardrobe named "Octobre".

Another label, another success story, Sessùn evokes the nostalgia of the seventies. On the menu, dresses with balloon sleeves, men's shirts and woolly skin jackets. Recurring, ethical and cosmopolitan pieces that are now sold in more than fifteen countries. Julia Toledano, yes Sidney's daughter, founded Nodaleto. A brand of shoes inspired by the colors of Morocco and Spain, architecture and the American dream. With a retro tint. Here too, a resounding success, notably carried by international fashion influencers. So many examples that should challenge (and inspire) the entire luxury industry. Today, innovation also lies in premium.

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