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The winners of digital transformation

Fabio Bonavita

By Fabio Bonavita17 décembre 2020

The fourth edition of the Altagamma foundation’s Digital Awards are instructive for more than one reason. First of all, they confirm a trend that has been noticed for several months. The pandemic has been a great online sales accelerator for luxury products, as they have increased from 12 to 23% of total sales in only a year. A spectacular jump made possible by the extreme reactivity of the sector facing the pandemic. Very quickly, it adapted by reinforcing its online presence through direct and indirect sales channels.

In this incredibly auspicious context for digital transformation, some brands have managed to benefit from it. For the Altagamma foundation, the big winner is Burberry. An award explained by the omnipresence of the brand on diverse platforms of digital trade, as well as by its capacity to expand its content, offering for example, a website in eleven languages, or by organizing monthly launches of limited-edition pieces on its social media. Another good student is Prada, who managed to fully refurbish its client experience while opening to new markets over the last few months, such as Brazil, Singapore or Korea.

The Italian brand Gucci has distinguished itself for the quality of its online client relationship and its capacity for innovation, with its augmented reality app or the possibility to pay by several installments on its website. Dior and Moncler are also rewarded for increasing their online payment options, the introduction of a chatbot, a virtual perfumery, as well as virtual home testing apps.

This is only the beginning of digital transformation in the luxury sector, yet this year has been rich in innovations. The luxury industry is clearly leading the way.

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