Switzerland focuses on sustainable fashion

Ethical fashion is in the spotlight. The Swiss Fashion Association is once again focusing on brands with sustainable, innovative and trendy assets and offering them 360° visibility. With a physical and virtual showroom, for accessibility 2.0

Monica D’Andrea

By Monica D’Andrea17 février 2022

Swiss brand Mama Tierra is one of the new sustainable brands to be exhibited at the Swiss Fashion Association (Mama Tierra)

What could be more topical than the responsible and sustainable trend? Swiss Fashion Association (SFA) The Swiss Fashion Association (SFA) is working with Future Swiss Fashion, the first showroom exclusively dedicated to sustainable fashion in Switzerland, to launch this project in Zurich, which was already in the starting blocks in 2021. This is the first wholesale initiative for Swiss sustainable emerging brands. The goal? For these designers to exhibit their autumn/winter 2022 collection physically and digitally. The brands: Aqvarossa, Forbidden Denimeries, Mama Tierra et Moya Kala.

The physical showroom will be open to buyers and press from Sunday 27 February to Tuesday 1 March at Annabelle's offices in Zurich. On site, a networking system will be set up with advisors for customer acquisition, presentation of collections, order taking and negotiations. Afterwards, free access to the personalised digital showrooms. This will be the 2nd edition of the Swiss Digital Fashion Week, which brings new customers into the fundamental niche of sustainable fashion.

The SFA had already successfully completed a collaboration with Vestibule in autumn 2021. Laurence Antiglio, owner of the boutique (, and member of the association's advisory board emphasises the need for good visibility for designers: "It is very important to allow Swiss designers to have a platform to sell their collections."

At the crossroads between the promotion of the local economy, ecology and ethics, Camille Patthey, Future Swiss Fashion project manager, wishes to: "First of all, promote short circuits by encouraging local sourcing and production, marketing and consumption."

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