Aura Blockchain announces strategic collaboration with Temera

Aura Blockchain Consortium and Temera announced a strategic partnership on the 21st of July, with the continuous aim to support greater transparency and traceability for customers in the luxury industry

Isabella Hübscher

By Isabella Hübscher21 juillet 2022

In this collaboration, Temera acts as a business integrator and solution provider using RFID and NFC technology (Shutterstock)

On July 21st, the Aura Blockchain Consortium announced its latest strategic collaboration together with Temera, a company founded in 2009 developing IoT solutions such as RFID (UHF NFC) and Blockchain, specifically in the fashion and luxury industry. Temera focuses on solving issues related to optimization of logistics, production processes, and anti-counterfeiting among other things, and can therefore contribute to Aura Blockchain’s goal of supporting greater transparency and traceability.

“The expertise and professionalism of Aura Blockchain Consortium Founding Members, combined with our desire to increasingly innovate traceability along the supply chain, finds in this partnership a service that will become fundamental for consumers and therefore for brands in the coming years: full transparency of the product life cycle”, reported the CMO of the company, Guido Mengoni. The company, who employs over 100 people across the globe and records close to 20 million in sales turnover, will act as a business integrator and solution provider within this collaboration, by using RFID and NFC technology, as well as its platform Stylewhere.

Aura Blockchain Consortium, who recently also joined the Prince of Wales’ “The Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI)” Fashion Task Force, which concentrates on leveraging technology to achieve sustainability and circularity goals, has been forming a certain number of strategic alliances in the past months, announcing their new founding member Mercedes-Benz AG in May. The consortium allows their members to tag their products with secure blockchain-based identities, in order for the customer to be able to track their history and follow its lifecycle from creation distribution.

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