Paris, Pop Culture, and ‘Pharrell-isation’

From dawn, the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2024 fashion show by Pharrell Williams was a sight to behold on the Instagram feeds of luxury fans. The 'LV'Lovers' received more of a spectacle than a typical fashion show, as evidenced by the brand's new Men's Creative Director.

Set outdoors, just steps away from the iconic Cheval Blanc hotel and La Samaritaine, properties of Bernard Arnault, the backdrop was none other than Paris and the Pont Neuf, surrounded by stars, camera flashes, and fervent fans. The ground was adorned with gold and checkered-patterned cobblestones, echoing the star's creative choices. Williams incorporated direct references to the brand's symbols: the monogrammed logo, leather goods reimagined - from the colorful Speedy to the Keepall - alongside jewelry, shoes, and glasses. The models, both men and women, sported Louis Vuitton clothes that defied gendered norms, serving as the standard-bearer of 21st-century pop culture. Williams' vision brought skirts for men, pixels inspired as much by checkered patterns as by NFT designs, a lot of military green, martial looks underlined by long coats and tall leather boots.

This was not just fashion; it was spectacle, a bold departure from the traditional codes of tailoring. The collection was designed for fans who would not only love to wear it but also show it off on social networks. As for the Pont Neuf, it was a life-size podium for a luxury that gazes at itself.

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