New models are emerging

Cristina D’Agostino

By Cristina D’Agostino07 novembre 2022

Deserting or infiltrating the system? Among young graduates of all the top universities, the question remains a live one.  Radical positions clash and fuel a legitimate debate. "Track down cognitive dissonance!" warned Mathias Vicherat, head of Science Po Paris, to the students who attended the discussion "Should we desert?" a month ago as part of the Tribunal for Future Generations organised by the prestigious institution.

"You can't give ESG (Environment Social Governance) courses and at the same time give marketing classes that encourage overconsumption," he said. In fact, this cognitive dissonance is the central issue that the luxury industry is experiencing today: advocating sustainability while continuing to perform in the markets. Young graduates no longer want this capitalistic scheme (see our article Drop Culture to the point of overdose).

But new models are coming to the fore today. Emerging brands are seducing in a different way. Botter, Collina Strada, Peter Do and Unspun may be the names that will have a foothold in tomorrow's system (see our article on The latest innovations seen at the fashion weeks) and that are part of a different productive scheme. 

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