Historic NBA partner Tiffany & Co. presents a series of new trophies

Eva Morletto

By Eva Morletto17 mai 2022

In celebration of the NBA's 75th season, the iconic Larry O'Brien trophy is getting a makeover from jeweller Tiffany & Co. and artist Victor Salomon.

Uniting athletics with craftsmanship, Tiffany has designed and handcrafted some of the most revered trophies for the NBA since 1977, including the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, awarded to the team that wins the NBA Finals (Tiffany&Co.)

The league has unveiled the new line of post-season trophies. The most sought-after awards for NBA players were designed by long-time league partner Tiffany & Co. and artist Victor Solomon, who is famous for his sports-related artwork. The Larry O'Brien Trophy, first created by Tiffany in 1977, is named after the famous NBA commissioner, a key figure in the popularisation of basketball. Indeed, O'Brien contributed greatly to the growth of the sport, mainly through the television broadcasting rights of the games.

Victor Solomon, who has been responsible for the artistic design of the awards since 2021, had already conceived the Litterally Balling project, which aimed to transform sports equipment into precious objects of art. We remember his famous basketball baskets covered with coloured stained glass or 24-carat gold leaf, or the nets made of Swarovski crystals.

For the NBA trophies, the team wanted to stay true to tradition. The recognisable Larry O'Brien silhouette has been modernised to make it more streamlined, without affecting the design, which should remain recognisable and familiar to NBA fans. The top disc contains the 75 listed NBA champions, and the bottom disc is ready to hold the next 25 Finals winners.

Last year, the newly crowned NBA championship-winning Milwaukee Bucks team received the Larry O'Brien Trophy in a specially designed Louis Vuitton case made from a custom-made Monogram canvas trunk.

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