Conference: Luxury, gaming and superheroes: the winning formula?






Jointly organised by Luxury Tribune and the Swiss Center for Luxury Research, this conference held on Monday 17 May via zoom aimed at understanding why luxury is highly interested in the gaming industry, how its values are conveyed and more globally how societal themes are carried today by fantasy films and video games.

We have been pleased to welcome three exclusive guests to discuss this trend in the luxury industry:

François-Henry Bennahmias - CEO of Audemars Piguet. Kelly Vero - video game designer and fashion disruptor. Robert V. Kozinets - professor at the University of Southern California and specialist in entertainment marketing.

Together, we deciphered how issues related to ethics, sustainability, inclusion, but also futuristic visions are disseminated by pop culture and how the luxury industry is seizing them.

Kelly Vero - François-Henry Bennahmias - Robert Kozinets

Moderators of the conference: Cristina D'Agostino, editor-in-chief of Luxury Tribune and Felicitas Morhart, founder of the Swiss Center for Luxury Research and professor at HEC Lausanne.

For all information and requests, please contact us at contact@luxurytribune.com

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