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Constantin Prozorov, His Surrealist Works Mesmerize Luxury

Cristina D’Agostino

By Cristina D’Agostino20 février 2024

Digital artist acclaimed by luxury, Constantin Prozorov signs some of the most viewed artistic works online. After his technique of animated collage, he now aims for cinematic expression. A successful debut, as he has just signed with the powerful American agency The Wall Group (William Morris Endeavor). We met a surrealist artist with very real ambition.

To celebrate Louis Vuitton's 200th anniversary with the #LOUIS200 campaign, artist Constantin Prozorov has reinterpreted the founder's legacy and visionary spirit through a digital collage. The work embarks on an exhibition journey from Paris to New York, symbolizing the House's past, present, and future (Constantin Prozorov)

The world is flooded with images; my goal is not to add to them, but to recycle some, to bring a new perspective. Collage seemed to me the most obvious means

Constantin Prozorov, artist

A giant snake crossing an enchanted plain, a winged tiger, a flying trunk… Constantin Prozorov's digital works are strange, surreal, and undoubtedly magnetic. His rise may seem sudden, in the light of his recent creative successes, viewed and reposted millions of times on social networks. But in his eyes, the journey has been long, winding, and complex. Like those whose passions must find a way to exist, he searched for a long time how to express his own.

MONCLER, in collaboration with artist Constantin Prozorov and designer Richard Quinn, unveils a series of animated collages for the MONCLER Genius 2019 collection (Constantin Prozorov)

Today, endorsed by the biggest luxury brands, he pursues his ambitions with astonishing confidence, like those who are aware of a destiny to carry. His medium, collage, chosen for its simplicity and immediacy, is nonetheless anything but trivial. Each work requires nearly two months of work and hundreds of layers of superimposed images. Initially executed in 2D, in his early days working for certain brands, he moves on to the third dimension, reworking them through powerful software used for 3D cinema. From this evolution towards animated collage, Constantin made his trademark. His works gained mastery and became viral. His imagination, populated with strange characters and symbols gleaned through his professional encounters, is clearly inspired by the surrealist movement. "I am passionate about this movement," Constantin Prozorov confides to Luxury Tribune, "because there is total freedom in it. I admire Dalí and Magritte, but also the artistic universe of filmmaker Wes Anderson. In my opinion, to best express what one wants, you need both order and chaos."

Constantin Prozorov, a digital artist honored by luxury goods, signs some of the most popular artistic works on the Web (Sarah Staiger)

However, he says it took him some time to come to a more creative form of his work after studying fashion and design at the Deutsche Master Schule für Mode in Munich. Initially assistant to designer Gustavo Lins, then correspondent for Conde Nast, it is from the worlds of press and fashion in Paris, then Berlin, that he finds inspiration, where he forges his imagination. "There were so many photos, under-utilized lookbooks in my eyes that I imagined reworking them as potentially fertile ground. The world is flooded with images; my goal is not to add to them, but to recycle some, to bring a new perspective. Collage seemed to me the most obvious means." Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to a Russian father and a German mother, he says he lived in a rich and mixed cultural environment in his childhood, which allowed him to develop this curiosity about the world. His collages are a way to express his artistic sensitivity.

I am totally free in my creations. I do not accept commissions from brands. I choose who I want to work with, based on values and inspirations

Constantin Prozorov, artist

"It all really began when I received my first offer from the designer of the German brand Wunderkind. I went to Berlin. Wolfgang Joop, its founder, was like a mentor to me; I learned a lot from him. It was after this experience that I really decided to be an artist. Then, everything accelerated in Italy. Several projects for brands followed, and then Gucci contacted me, followed by Moncler. It was the time when Remo Ruffini (Editor's note: CEO and president of Moncler S.p.A) wanted to infuse a new style and revitalize the brand. They approached me; they liked the animated collage, and my artistic work was a resounding success. The impact was so great that the fantastic animals I created for them are still displayed today."

MONCLER, Richard Quinn (Tiger) by CONSTANTIN Prozorov, for the MONCLER Genius 2019 collection, an exploration of alternative worlds where fashion meets fantasy and the imaginary, and inspired by Richard Quinn's prints (Vimeo - Constantin Prozorov)

The church, royalty, then the bourgeoisie were the greatest patrons. They commissioned and clearly expressed their ambitions through art. Today, large groups have taken over

Constantin Prozorov, artist

For some, his work could be summed up as commercial collaborations. Constantin Prozorov ressent this idea. "I work closely with luxury brands, but I do not consider my work as advertising; these are artistic collaborations. Of course, I am paid, but I am totally free in my creations. I do not accept commissions from brands. I choose who I want to work with based on values and inspirations. I reject the idea that an artist must suffer to exist and eventually become famous after his death. This discourse has always existed. In the past, the greatest artists received commissions from the powerful of this world. The church, royalty, and then the bourgeoisie were the greatest patrons. They commissioned and clearly expressed their ambitions through art. Today, large groups have taken over, but they are the same codes. The artist remains free to create."

GUCCI (Neuschwanstein) by CONSTANTIN Prozorov, where the artist revisits the brand under the direction of Alessandro Michele with a touch of irony, mixing fantasy and reality in his digital collages (Vimeo - Constantin Prozorov)

His works, between reality and fiction, challenge with their strangeness. The younger generation adores it, and luxury wants more. His creation for the bicentenary Louis Vuitton founder’s birth is a success that has counted millions of views on social networks. A golden opportunity for the sector in constant search of desirability. But already, Constantin Prozorov is turning to other sectors, driven above all by a voracious need for inspiration.

Cinema is a vast playground, a world where I will have to make no compromises

Constantin Prozorov, artist

Pharmaceutical, automotive, and industrial sectors want him; yet, it is now the world of cinema that Constantin wants to touch. Already represented by a major artistic agency in Europe, he has just signed in the United States with the very powerful talent agency The Wall Group (William Morris Endeavor). His ambition seems unstoppable. "Building my world was difficult," Constantin says, "it took hard work, day and night, for years. The journey, the money, nothing was simple. Now, everything is finally a bit smoother. The luxury industry has helped me emancipate. Image will always be my means of expression, even though collage will slowly be less of a medium to me. My desire is to be a film director, that's my dream today. The impact, the audience are much more powerful there. That's what drives me. To question people. And to remain free. I don't want to be categorized, put into a box. Cinema is a vast playground, a world where I will have to make no compromises. Films, music, art are a way to escape reality, to find spaces of solace in the difficulties of the world. Even if it's only for a few seconds, I like the idea of offering people the feeling that they can forget what is affecting them."

Certainly, Constantin Prozorov has already made a name for himself, and a body of work that he wants to preserve from oblivion.

The MINI design studio has teamed up with artist Constantin Prozorov to reinvent the presentation of the new MINI model family in digital collages where future models are shown in a dreamlike urban world (Constantin Prozorov)

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