Bottega Veneta bets on its past collections.

Eva Morletto

By Eva Morletto13 juin 2022

Bottega Veneta launches Bottega Series, a new category on its e-commerce site dedicated to archival pieces from past seasons

Bottega Veneta is well-known for its iconic minimalistic leather bags (Shutterstock)

The iconic Italian fashion house is launching a new section on its e-commerce site, dedicated to its most iconic pieces from past seasons. The section has been named Bottega Series, and promises to be a treasure chest for the brand's enthusiasts. For the moment, bags are the absolute protagonists, but in the coming weeks the company plans to expand the range of archival pieces on offer to include other accessories and even clothing.

With this initiative, Bottega Veneta is pursuing several objectives, but mainly that of banishing an overly strict concept of seasonality, focusing on flagship pieces with timeless appeal. On the business side, the Italian house manages the sale of its old collections directly, without the support of a partner: indeed, who better than the house to enhance the storytelling of its products? Who better than the brand to renew the image of the old creations that made its history? The gamble is exciting: the Bottega Series sales section will be updated each month with new pieces, priced more or less in line with their launch.

The move naturally follows the wave of attention to ecology and sustainable production that is increasingly challenging the fashion world. Given the problem of product obsolescence, putting old stock back into circulation allows a virtuous process to be set in motion. Since the law against the destruction of unsold goods in the textile sector came into force at the beginning of this year, several luxury brands have committed themselves to giving new life to their old creations and to formulating new commercial projects by drawing on dormant stocks. Bottega Veneta is following this beneficial trend. 

Among the brand's most iconic pieces, on sale at Bottega Series, are the Banana bag in woven leather - the "intrecciato" has always been the brand's emblem - in various shades - from orange to petrol blue, white to cream - , the beautiful Amaranto Tote-bag with its wallet pouch, and a nice selection of several quilted tote bags. The brand, loved by Lauren Hutton (the actress wore a Bottega Veneta bag during the filming of American Gigolò), was founded in 1966 in Vicenza, Veneto, and, after being absorbed by Gucci, is now part of the Kering empire.

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