Bottega Veneta: A new collection with recycled leather

Eva Morletto

By Eva Morletto08 mai 2023

Bottega Veneta delves into upcycling with the "Reserve Leather Series" project, an innovative collection created from unused raw materials.

The new Bottega Veneta "Reserve Leather Series" offers recycled leather bags in the spirit of the brand's classic woven leather collections (Bottega Veneta)

Upcycling is experiencing a real boom in the luxury world, with numerous projects aimed at recycling high-quality fabric stocks. Bottega Veneta now embarks on this ecological adventure, increasingly economically viable, thanks to resource optimization. By creating an unprecedented collection from unused raw materials, the Italian brand launches the Reserve Series project.

The Montebello workshops, located in the Veneto region, supply leather stocks for this new collection of bags and small leather goods. The Montebello site, the brand's main production center, obtained the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification in 2009 for meeting sustainability criteria. Bottega Veneta was the first luxury brand to receive this distinction.

Items from this new collection will be available in limited edition. In 2022, the company recorded a turnover of 1.74 billion euros, a significant increase compared to 2021 (1.5 billion euros) and 2020 (1.21 billion euros during the health crisis). Since its acquisition by Kering Group in 2001, Bottega Veneta represents one of the gems in the holding, sharing the luxury market with LVMH.

The Italian brand's turnover already exceeded one billion euros in 2012, a true success for the brand that showcases the craftsmanship of leather artisans and "Made in Italy." However, the story hasn't always been rosy. In 2016, Bottega Veneta worried Kering by recording a spectacular drop of -8% in its revenues, mainly caused by the political crisis in Hong Kong, one of the brand's main markets. Bottega Veneta regained its colors with the appointment of British artistic director Daniel Lee in 2018, who successfully put the brand back in the spotlight. He has since been replaced by Matthieu Blazy in November 2021.

Today, the brand is experiencing constant growth and stands out within the luxury group. The excellent results of 2022, under the leadership of Bartolomeo Rongone, offset the losses of Gucci and the scandal affecting Balenciaga's financial performance.

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