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Felicitas Morhart

Felicitas Morhart

HEC Lausanne

Felicitas Morhart is Professor of Marketing at HEC Lausanne at the University of Lausanne. She holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of St. Gallen. She teaches Luxury Marketing in the Master in Management program at HEC Lausanne and is editor of the Research Handbook of Luxury Branding published by Edgar Elgar in 2020. She also provides strategic consulting for select luxury companies.

Felicitas’ research interest revolves around personal meaning, identity, and symbolism in consumer behavior and branding and has been published in international journals such as the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Psychology & Marketing, the Harvard Business Manager, among others.

Areas of luxury research

Authenticity, alternative status signals, decadence, liquid luxury

Felicitas Morhart's articles

Felicitas Morhart

Enjoying the silence

By Felicitas Morhart

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