A new impetus for Luxury Tribune

Cristina D’Agostino

By Cristina D’Agostino05 janvier 2021

2020, a “white” year during which each of us has discovered an unequal capacity to adapt. This year leaves us on a momentum that we would hope triggers deep changes. In that sense, now is the right time. It’s about grasping the opportunity and taking a chance in transformation.

Luxury Tribune’s change, which you are reading today, is about building editorial quality, independence, sustainability, never compromising on high-value content. This quality requires commitment and stringency.

Today, after seven months of growth, Luxury Tribune converts 60% of its articles into paid content. This revenue model has been adopted by many other media before us, and we believe it to be right and adapted to quality information. From the beginning, we have favored a graphic environment free from advertising in order to benefit reading and a deeper understanding of our topics. Many of you appreciate this original trait and this means a lot to us. It’s a unique model, which we hope, thanks to subscriptions, will be able to last. We hope you will be part of this transformation along our side.

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