Edinburgh, Scotland

Artistic Reflection in Edinburgh

On August 25, 2023, as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival, SpiltMilk is hosting a workshop inspired by the “PAIN 2 POWER” exhibition by artist Haein Kim at the Leith Library. Led by Lauren McLaughlin, this event offers an exploration of artistic expression revolving around the modern woman’s psyche through drawings, paintings, and installations. Catering to those identifying as mothers or caregivers, this workshop invites a profound reflection on art and current society. Participants are beckoned on a journey that is both introspective and artistic, backed by SpiltMilk’s initiative supporting artists identifying as (m)others, active since 2018. Since 2004, the Edinburgh Art Festival has transformed the city into a living gallery, blending visual art, sound, moving images, and music.

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Artistic Reflection in Edinburgh

Crédit photo: Sierra Metro artist Haein Kim

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