Bulgari launches Swiss Genius, a contest focused on Corporate Social Responsibility in partnership with Luxury Tribune and the Swiss Center for Luxury Research.

With the launch of the Swiss Genius innovation award, Bulgari aims to challenge future generation (Bulgari)

Contest description

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of Bulgari’s development strategy and plays a key role in its daily operations.
With the launch of the Swiss Genius innovation award, Bulgari aims to challenge future generations, the managers of tomorrow, to embrace this mission with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach through the development of a project of their choice, individually or by teams of three people, around one main topic:

How can the luxury industry still innovate in the context of CSR?

This competition, consisting of a Jury Prize and destined for Business Schools’ students across Switzerland currently pursuing their Master’s degree studies, aims to make the winning projects known to luxury professionals and to integrate the winners’ proposals into Bulgari's strategy.

The jury will evaluate all projects that present an innovative solution to the brand, through innovative CSR-focused development and design.

The prize will include an invitation to Bulgari’s HQ in Rome to present the project to the Global CSR team, in addition to a full tour of Bulgari’s workshops and offices.
In addition to this, all students pre-selected during the first round judging period happening by mid-April will have the opportunity to submit their application for a three-month paid internship within the CRS team in Rome and have their resume carefully reviewed by HR to facilitate their possible recruitment.

Contest Submission Period: February 24th 2022 (KICK-OFF) to April 17th 2022 - noon Eastern Time

First Round Judging Period and nomination of the selected projects: April 17th 2022 to April 24th 2022

Development of pre-selected projects with coaching sessions: April 25th 2022 to June 10th 2022 - noon Eastern Time

Project presentation to the jury: June 13th to 17th 2022

Finalist Judging and Voting: June 20th to 22nd 2022

Winners Announced & Award ceremony: July 4th 2022

Eligible students wishing to participate to the Contest shall submit the relevant application within the Contest Submission Period by sending an email to cecile.florean@unil.ch.

They shall receive a confirmation and the full package of documents and a copy of the Bulgari Info Privacy Notice as published on www.bulgari.com ruling their data processing.

All individual students or student groups applying to the award should then duly fill out the PowerPoint Presentation Template to submit their project to the Jury in addition to a short 16:9 video lasting a maximum of two minutes and introducing their project.

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