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Lucia Malär

Lucia Malär

Universität Bern

Lucia Malär is a Senior Researcher and Lecturer of Marketing at the University of Bern. She holds a PhD in Marketing and teaches Brand Management and seminars on Branding and Luxury Marketing at the University of Bern. Her research interest revolves around consumers’ self-concept, ideals, and brand perception (such as cult brands, family firm brands, and brand personality) in consumer behavior and branding. Her work has been published in international journals such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology,  Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, among others.

Areas of luxury research

Ideals, brand positioning, authenticity, family firm brands


Family firm brands, perceptions of doing good, and consumer happiness

Schellong, M., Kraiczy, N. D., Malär, L., & Hack, A. (2019)

Entrepreneurship theory and practice, 43(5), 921-946.

The Janus Face of Ideal Self-Congruence: Self-Enhancement versus Emotional Distress

Malär, L., Herzog, D., Krohmer, H., & Hoyer, W. (2018)

Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, 3(2), 163-174.

Brand Authenticity: An Integrative Framework and Measurement Scale

Morhart, Felicitas, Malär, Lucia, Guèvremont, Amélie, Girardin, Florent, & Grohmann, Bianca (2015)

Journal of Consumer Psychology, 25 (2), 200-218.

Implementing an Intended Brand Personality: A Dyadic Perspective

Malär, Lucia, Nyffenegger, Bettina, Krohmer, Harley, & Hoyer, Wayne (2012)

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40 (5), 728-744.

Emotional Brand Attachment and Brand Personality: The Relative Importance of Actual versus Ideal Self

Malär, Lucia, Krohmer, Harley, Hoyer, Wayne, & Nyffenegger, Bettina (2011)

Journal of Marketing, 75 (July), 35-52.

Authenticity in Luxury Branding. Research Handbook on Luxury Branding

Morhart, F., & Malär, L. (2020)

Research Handbook on Luxury Branding, Eds. Morhart, F., Wilcox, K., and Czellar, S.

Markenauthentizität: Konzeption, Messung und Steuerung

Morhart, F., & Malär, L. (2017)

Handbuch Markenführung, Ed. Franz-Rudolf Esch, 1-15.

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