Benjamin Berghaus

Benjamin Berghaus

Universität St. Gallen

Benjamin Berghaus is a freelancer at the intersection of research, education, and management practice. Benjamin co-founded the Competence Center for Luxury Management at University of St. Gallen which he headed from 2013-2017. He was awarded his doctoral degree for his research on the impact of status in work: conspicuous employment. He teaches regularly at the MBA programme of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and builds on international teaching experiences with leading schools like ESMT Berlin, EM Lyon, Hanken SSE, RSM, and University of Liechtenstein. Before his academic career, he worked in the German automotive industry as a marketing manager.


Theory on social status; theory on luxury consumption; general management in the luxury market; luxury brand management; strategic foresight in luxury; prestigious employer preference;


Luxury branding

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